Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Surprise at Peacfood Cafe

There was a huge surprise two days ago...
My father wanted to try Peacefood Cafe!
I was going to have the falael sandwich for lunch but I just had to take advantage of this opportunity. We got in and I was worried. He ordered a Roasted Japanese Pumpkin sandwich, Thai Coconut Soup, and a Green Lemonade. I ordered what I got last time I was there; a Mediterranean Oven-Dried Seasonal Vegetable Panini. For those of you who have not heard me say this; he loves meat, hates vegetables, and despises coconut, obviously posing some problems...
He got the Green Lemonade first and I asked if I could taste it... It was good to be, but it tasted like vegetables and a splash of lemon. I got worried. He tasted it and got the why I am here look on his face. He kept taking sips of it and later told me it was so good that he could not stop thinking about it all day. Wow, that was a shocker.
Our sandwiches and his soup then came. I tasted his soup, burnt myself, and loved it! It was the best soup I have had. If they have it on the specials again, I am getting it for myself. He tasted the soup and really liked it. He finally liked something coconut! Success!
After he ordered his sandwich he realized that there was caramelized onions in there. Another thing he hates is caramelized onions. Amazingly enough, he liked them and said that it "brought the sandwich together."
Then we split a big slice of carrot cake. It was the second best carrot cake I have had (the first best being babycakes carrot cupcakes which I consider a cake.) I found fruit, nuts, and a whole lot of spices in it. It made my day.
Later in the day I finally had the falafels. The guy cut the sandwich in "half." Really there we three falafel balls all on one side of the sandwich so when I took my half, it was pita with some lettuce. Luckly I took one of the falafel balls for myself. The seasoning was great but it was very greasy. I guess that is the point of falafels which means I might have to make my own.
For anyone interested I still have the sushi rice in the fridge.

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  1. Good for your Dad for wanting to be adventurous with his eating.