Thursday, October 7, 2010

Peacefood Cafe

First of all, I am very happy that I have a four day weekend! I do unfortunately have to take a self-defense course with an injured knee, grrr.
Anyway, my grandparents took me out to Peacefood Cafe. For those of you who don't know, Peacefood cafe is a wonderful vegan cafe on the Upper West side. They make the best vegan baked goods ever. Okay maybe I have had a few better but this is really up there. I have been there before and my reaction stays the same; wow. I had their Mediterranean oven-dried seasonal vegetables Panini. It had layers of broccoli, cauliflower, arugula, pesto, and goat cheese (vegan of course.)It is the best Panini ever. Anyone who has not had this Panini has not lived a good life. My grandparents shared a potato, arugula, mushroom pizza with Daiya cheese on top. I took a bite and it was equally great. For dessert me and my grandparents split a raspberry crumb bar which was great. It was huge! It is twice the size of a normal bar! Despite its size, we finished it. It was delicious. It was very crumbly. I loved the combo of the raspberry and the crumb base and topping. Part of me wishes I had tried the daily gluten free muffin special of strawberry lemon but I went with the bar, and I am glad I did. You should go to Peacefood Cafe, like right now. Go! Go!
I also got my new vegan shoes in the mail today! They are my first pair of shoes with heels! Okay, I know, they barely have a heel but it's something! They might hurt but fashion comes with a price! And in the same order, from Pangea, I got Danie's vegan marshmallows! I see rice crispy treats in my future!
Here is a picture of my new vegan shoes:
I know, I am way too excited about this.

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