Monday, October 4, 2010


I went to the Upper East Side Gobo last night and it was amazing. I had a five-spice tofu roll which is the one exception of my New Year's resolution of not eating deep fried food. I also had a bit of my father's organic king oyster mushrooms in sizzling basil black bean sauce. Though I did not have the mushrooms (because no one hates mushrooms more than I,) I did have the zucchini and the soy protein cutlets and they were fantastic. Me and my mother shared Singapore stir-fry mai-fan which was also great. What's funny is when I asked her what mai-fan was and she said that they were wide rice noodles. They turned out to be the thinnest rice noodles I have ever seen. For dessert I had the apple and pear crisp which was warm, wonderful, and gingery. Yet again they were out of the green tea tiramisu (grrrr...)

It is not every night that I get to go out to a vegan restaurant. In fact, it took a lot of effort to get my dad to a vegan restaurant. I am quite proud I got him there. I deserve a very nice pat on the back.

Tonight, I had Eli's black pepper pasta that I picked up last night with some olive oil, chopped almonds, basil, and mint. It was pretty good. My mother bought a chicken from Fresh Direct. It was rotten. Then when she cooked the chicken from our local grocery store, some parts turned out bad. Boy, do I love karma! He he he…

Wish me luck on my two tests tomorrow in school! AHHHH!

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