Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Leftovers, Fun

Other than my math and history test, my day was pretty darn good. For lunch my school cafeteria had wonderful grilled tofu. The salad bar, like always, was my main lunch though.
For dinner I had Fresh Direct Minestrone Soup, way too much broccoli, and Gobo leftovers.

I found this article in Calorie Count's blog about how going vegan was a nutrious way to loose weight. Although they had some problems in the article (like saying vegetarians ate fish and that vegans had bread and cereal, which if you did not know they don't unless it is made with sugar that is not processed with bone char,) they were really getting the message of veganism and vegetarianism out.

Though it may seem like a hate school I don't. I actually love it. I just hate the stress of tests and the late nights. Speaking of which, I don't have much homework today. Yay for me!

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